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Safe vehicle acces

Logistic solutions for every building

In every industrial building where there is a large amount of traffic in and out of the building safety is extremely important. Forklifts drive up and down loading and offloading freight trucks, taking goods to the right production site, etc. In some buildings the freight trucks or minibuses drive right in to be offloaded. This offloading usually takes place in the warehouse, as close as possible to the place where the goods are stored. So the logistics route is one of the important aspects in the design of a building. What is the most efficient method to transport goods? Where do the goods enter and what route do they take before they once again leave the building?

Designing the logistic route of a building

When devising this logistics route the industrial door into the building is seldom the first thing considered, but it is an important player in the logistics of the business. The choice of industrial door has consequences for the lighting and fixtures and fittings that have to be installed around the door. If it is not given careful thought, a crane track may have to pass right through the centre of the building or lighting may be blocked by the door passing in front of it.

No complicated structures necessary

The position of the racks can also influence the choice of door; a forklift has to reach the topmost racks without touching the door. A traditional sectional door has a major influence on the logistics route of a product within a business, because the lighting, crane tracks, racks, etc., all have to be adapted to the industrial door as it takes up a lot of space when opening. Also complex steel structures have to be fitted that take up the space of other fixtures.

Compact folding door meets every demand

The ideal solution is an industrial door that takes up no space from other fixtures, does not block the light whether daylight or artificial, but also doesn’t obstruct forklifts. This industrial door must be insulating for energy saving, but also equipped with all kinds of safety equipment such as radar and warning lights.

Safe vehicle acces

For the Frames project the architect chose a Compact folding door because the design and operation of the door ensured minimal risk. The Compact door folds up above the door opening and therefore meets all these requirements. Forklifts or other vehicles have unlimited access and even reaching the topmost racks is no problem because no rails are required on the ceiling. It also is possible to position crane tracks along the wall and therefore create an optimal logistics route. When designing the most efficient way of transporting goods the Compact folding door is an ideal solution.

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