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Low maintenance

Low maintenance costs and reliability are important factors to every owner when choosing an industrial door for a new building or replacing an existing industrial door. The traditional sectional door moves on rails into the building across the ceiling or directly above the access. To do this they use balance springs, which are highly-tensioned steel springs that need regular maintenance to maintain their tension. These springs also need regular replacement, which takes up a lot of time and is expensive.

Reliable, low maintenance and isolated

Furthermore the door continuing to work smoothly and reliably is an issue, with the complex arrangement of rails that the door moves on requiring careful maintenance of the track rollers and hinges. At the same time the steel rail structure needs to be regularly checked for safety.

All advantages in one industrial door

One system that has been much used is the steel roller shutter, which needs minimal maintenance but also has many disadvantages including poor insulation. Today, the roller shutter is being used less as an industrial door and is frequently being replaced with an insulated industrial door with more options. 

Low maintenance, little energy use and longer lifespan

The Compact folding door is often used as a replacement for these industrial doors. This folding door is self-supporting with its side rails, so nothing more is needed. The Compact door folds up above the door opening and therefore does not require a steel structure on the ceiling or above the access. No balance springs are needed, the door blade is moved up by an electric motor and when closing gravity plays its part. The advantage of this is that there are lower maintenance costs because there is simply less to maintain. The quiet and gradual movement uses little energy and this means a longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs.

Check out all advantages of the Compact folding door. Please contact us or design your own door in 6 easy steps.

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