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Overhead cranes

In 2006 there was a project for 90 industrial doors for the armoured vehicle depots of the UK’s Ministry of Defence at Gloucester and Catterick Barracks. The ministry’s engineers researched the various types of industrial doors in depth and compared them with the required specifications.

A search for perfect fitting sectional door

The design of the depots incorporated crane tracks, electrical systems, sprinkler systems and various ducts which were all sited above and around the door openings. They were designed this way for practical reasons, in particular because it was level near the area where the vehicles are kept. The traditional sectional or overhead door opens vertically on rails above the door opening or horizontally via a steel structure on the ceiling. This interferes with fixtures such as crane tracks and ducts so they cannot be fitted here. Roller shutters did not meet specifications because they are not insulated, therefore the loss of energy is substantial. At the same time it is not possible to glaze roller shutters for daylight and a view out of the building.

Compact folding door offers the complete picture

In the end the conclusion was reached that the Compact folding door met the requirements, thanks to its unique folding system the panels fold up above the door opening. With its side rails the folding door is self-supporting and needs no complex structure on the ceiling to open. Positioning crane tracks along the wall is therefore no longer a problem, as the door does not obstruct. Installation of electrical systems and sprinkler systems around the door opening are also not a problem. The folding door is fitted with insulated panels and sealed edges so that the loss of energy is kept to a minimum.

60 sectional folding doors in Afghanistan

Maintenance workshops were established at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan in 2010, and these required 60 industrial doors. Positive experiences in Gloucester led the Ministry of Defence to choose the Compact folding door again. The doors were fitted under the supervision of Rolflex, despite the extreme weather conditions in Afghanistan posing an additional challenge.

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