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External installation

Installation of a sectional door on the outside

When replacing an existing roller shutter the problem may arise that there is too little space inside to fit a traditional insulating sectional door. Installing another roller shutter is an option, however the insulating value of this is minimal, and it is not possible to fit glazing.

Cost saving and no complex constructions

For many architects and owners the solution is to fit the industrial doors on the exterior of the building. There are potential solutions, but they are not the most beautiful and at the same time they are expensive structures. Therefore many architects have chosen instead to install an industrial door on the exterior of the building – one that does not require a complex structure but can simply be fitted above the access.

Inside or outside the building? You choose

The Compact folding door folds the panels up above the door opening, so it doesn’t matter whether it is fitted on the outside or inside of the building. Exterior installation does of course require weather-proofing, and there are various solutions for this. The most obvious one is the protective cover, which is made to fit the door and means that when it is folded up, the door disappears into the cover, whilst the motor has separate protection.
External installation is also an option for spray cabins when replacing traditional sliding doors. It is possible to fit glazing in the doors and ventilating louvres are also an option. For external installation every option is possible that would also be possible on the interior.

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