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Wicket door

An important advantage of the Compact folding door

When owners want to replace their old roller shutter to improve insulation of their workshop or improve its appearance, installing another roller shutter is simply no longer an option. Their low insulating value and the fact that they cannot be glazed mean that the roller shutter does not meet modern standards for an industrial door. It is also impossible to fit a wicket door in the door blade of a roller shutter.

Saving energy

A wicket door is a small door integrated into the door blade so that when people need to pass through the industrial door it does not have to be opened every time, thereby keeping heat in in the winter and out in the summer. This makes a substantial contribution to saving energy costs. In addition to this there is the fact that if there is a power failure the industrial door cannot be operated electrically, whilst the wicket door can. A wicket door often has the same finish as the industrial door in which it is fitted, either solid panels or glazed.

Fully integrated wicket door

In a Compact folding door the wicket door is integrated into the door blade and moves with the folding door. The Compact Door folds up using the rail system above the door opening, and therefore requires minimal space for fitting. The wicket door can be made in sandwich panels or glazed, allowing a view of outside and daylight in, just like the folding door.

Check out all advantages of the Compact folding door. Please contact us or request a price and design you own door.

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